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    The Story

    Anni(Minna Rimpilä) is a distressed young woman. She's a prostitute and her life is going down the drain. By chance she meets Karo(Alarik Pöntinen), a hired thug, who is unhappy with the state of his life as well. New partner, Ilu(Milja Laamanen), has made work too rough for his liking and he's looking for a way out. Together they decide to make their own fortune and start a new life together.

    About the Production

    Anni is the first feature film made by the Einola brothers. The original storyline took shape as a short story during the fall 2007, and the first script was done a year later. The decision to go independent was made in the early 2009 and the production started in July of that same year. The movie was shot in three very intensive weeks, as a contrast to the post-production, which took over a year and a half to complete – mainly becouse of day jobs. The movie was complited in february 2011.

    The movie was made on a voluntary basis. In addition to the production team of 30 people, there were a number of extras, individuals and companies who took part in making this movie.

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